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Maurice Burney can assist with all aspects of residential sales and purchases.  

Please contact Maurice prior to signing any agreement for sale and purchase.

Company incorporations completed for you with a constitution.

Contact Maurice Burney for assistance with company incorporations.

It is wise to have a Will drawn up so that your assets can be distributed following death.  A good estate plan will ensure that appropriate protections are in place for the administration of your assets after your death. That may be as simple as preparing a will or involve more complex arrangements including the establishment of one or more trusts.

MJB Law can assist with preparing a will which ensures your loved ones are protected in the future.

Contact MJB Law now to discuss your will requirements.

willsindex.com - The international index for your last Will and Testament.

Advice as to purchasing commercial property, entering into Agreements to lease and on completing lease documentation.

Advice on company formation for private incorporated companies and incorporated societies.

Contact Maurice J Burney now.

Obtaining probate or letters of administration for deceased estates through to management and distribution of estates MJB Law has the experience and knowledge to assist with estate managment.

Contact Maurice J Burney now.

We can assist you with planning for the future and ensuring your family and assests are protected by:

  • Setting up Family Trusts, Property Trusts, Charitable Trusts.
  • Reviewing any existing Trusts to ensure they are relevent and appropraite.
  • Advice on creation, preparation, management and distribution of trusts created by me and advice on management of trusts created by other people.
  • Asset protection.

Contact Maurice J Burney now.

Advice on subdivisons, boundary adjustments, easements and land covenants.

Contact Maurice J Burney now.

Advice on all property transfers home or investment, cross leases, mortgages, building contracts, retirement village licences and subdivisions.

Contact Maurice J Burney now.

MJB Law advise all types of clients at all stages of life from single people, young families and those looking towards retirement with planning for the future. Ensuring you, your family and your assets are protected. We can provide you with practical and easy to understand advice on exercise powers of Powers of Attorney.

Contact Maurice J Burney now.

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